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P A P E R  C O N S E R V A T I O N

We specialise in the conservation of works on paper: prints, drawings, watercolours, maps as well as other paper related materials.  All conservation work is fully documented including digital photographs of works before and after treatment. We can address problems such as removal of foxing marks; removal of acidic backings; paper repairs and reintegration of losses; consolidation of flaky or powdered pigments.  Please look at our portfolio of work or get in contact today to discuss requirements.

C O N D I T I O N  C H E C K I N G         


As more institutions share their collections, condition checking has become a vital part of the lending process.  At AR Conservation we can undertake condition checking of works going on temporary display as well as for long term exhibition or storage.  Our documentation gives in-depth information about the type and media of work and its condition.  We can provide recommendations on handling and environmental control, sucha as light and UV levels, temperature and Relative Humidity.  We have our own reporting form but we can also work with condition reports provided by the lending or hosting institutions.  Documentation can be carried out as the work is being unpacked and/or after exhibition, at the point of repacking.  For more information email 



C O N S E R V A T I O N  M O U N T I N G


The mount is a very important component in the care of works on paper. In conservation mounting, the aim is to secure the work inside the sturdiest structure possible, using stable material and museum standard methods. With our conservation mounting we can offer solutions appropiate for your art 

work using an extensive range of conservation grade materials such as oriental paper taps, soft polyester corners, non-adhesive fixing, just to name a few.



Collection surveys

Collection surveys are essential for gaining knowledge about the condition of a collection in order to help establish priorities for treatment, storage and display.

We have surveyed different kinds of collection, from family collections to small archives.  We can provide an assessment of the whole collection by checking a sample of representative items, or we can do an item-by-item survey which involves an in-depth assessment of each object.  After the survey, we produce a report, which can, for example, be used in grant applications.  The survey report includes the description of objects, causes of damage, condition ratings, proposed action and estimated cost.  Priorities for a treatment action plan are included as well as recommendations on the most suitable mounting or archival enclosures.   


Environmental survey

We can undertake an environmental survey of your collection either in storage or on display.  This includes measurements of: temperature, relative humidity,

light and ultraviolet levels.  After the survey is carried out, we recommend monitoring the collection over a period of time (we can install data loggers at strategic locations).  The results will give you an in-depth understanding of the internal climatic conditions of the storage area or gallery space and

help inform decisions  for steps towards achieving optimum environmental conditions for your collection.

 W O R K  O N  S I T E       


When the work cannot travel to our studio, we are happy to come to you!

We can carry out basic remedial conservation work on site.





Please do get in touch to discuss your requirements



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